What is Peak Domain Analytics?

Peak Domain Analytics is a new and unique set of tools to help you make the most of your online services – websites, email, online shops and more.

Brought to you by Internet New Zealand Inc.

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Web analytics suffers from a major blind spot – you can’t tell whether rising traffic to your site is unique to you or if lots of other sites see it too.

But if you could see how your traffic compares to other relevant sites then you would know for certain if that bump in traffic you saw after an ad campaign is really down to the ad campaign or a general bump that everyone saw.

Using the Internet traffic that we see for all .nz domain names, we extract an underlying domain traffic score for your website, email servers and a range of other services. You are then able to compare your traffic score against other organisations in the same line of business – a popularity score for your services. Unlike ordinary web analytics, Peak Domain Analytics gives you this visibility without you having to write a line of code or install any special software.

Peak Domain Analytics supplements your web analytics and adds the new dimension of popularity comparison so that you get a true picture of your traffic.

Health Check

Misconfiguration of your domain name can cause significant issues for visitors to your website and email.

Peak Domain Analytics takes the pain away by automatically scanning your domain each month and producing a report on the problems found and the likely impact on your site visitors. This report comes in a readily accessible format that can be shared with your domain name specialist enabling them to quickly fix the errors found.

Well functioning domain names are so important to us that we make this valuable health check available entirely free of charge. As with all the tools in Peak Domain Analytics you don’t need any IT changes.

What’s the data science and technology behind Peak?

We record all ~40 billion DNS queries per year that are made to the core .nz servers from millions of sources. These queries are automatically split into the different types of services – web sites, email servers, telephony servers, Minecraft servers and more – using advanced pattern matching to produce a traffic score per service.

We scan the front page of every website in .nz and extract enough text to use in our machine learning classifiers. These determine if a website is used for business and if so, what industry class it is in or what type of not-for-profit it is. If it is a personal use domain then no further classification is attempted.

For the health check we scan every domain in .nz (currently over 670,000) and tests each one for over 50 different domain name configuration errors.

What makes Peak special?

Two new and unique tools with more to come:


  • See how your online traffic compares to others, both generally and those in the same line of business (including not for profits).
  • Over 600,000 domain names classified and used for comparisons.
  • Get visibility across whole domain (web, email, APIs etc).
  • No need to write any code or make any changes to your web site.

Health Check

  • Get a free report on the hard to find domain name errors that could be impacting your site visitors without you even knowing.
  • Share the report easily to get the problems fixed.
  • No need to write and code or make any technical changes.

Who are the people behind Peak?

Peak Domain Analytics is brought to you by Internet New Zealand Inc, the central registry for .nz domain names and the organisation behind the National Broadband Map (broadbandmap.nz). In addition to our highly trusted role in operating the critical Internet infrastructure of .nz, InternetNZ has been a data analytics pioneer since 2009 and in 2012 we were one of the first organisations in NZ to implement a large scale Hadoop cluster for big data processing.

InternetNZ is the charity and open membership society that provides a voice for the Internet in New Zealand and works on behalf of all Internet users across the country.

How do I sign up?

Follow the sign up link to get the free plan and get access to Health Check data immediately. You can then find out more about a paid plan for the Popularity data.

You will need to provide that you own the domain name using either the email address that this domain name is registered to or the Unique Domain Authentication Identifier (UDAI), which you can obtain easily from your registrar or reseller.

Frequently asked questions

Does my registrar need to do anything for me to use Peak Domain Analytics?

Yes, registrars can choose to let you access Domain Analytics through this site or they can integrate it into their customer portal, and we need them to choose and sign up before we can let you use Peak Domain Analytics.

How is the Popularity score generated?

The traffic to our core .nz servers consists mainly of queries for .nz domain names and by counting those queries, what type of query they are and the number of sources they come from, we are able to produce a domain name popularity score. The algorithm is currently a variant of "term frequency - inverse document frequency" (tf-idf) with effort underway to improve it by measuring the 'size' of the sources, adding in data from our overseas servers and eliminating any issues from varying TTLs.

How are the domain name classifications generated?

The text on a website generally does a good job of explaining what the website owner does and so our classification system uses machine learning techniques to try and classify the domain based on that text. To make it work we first scan every website in .nz and retrieve lots of text. Then we use a set of 80,000 manually classified domains to train machine learning classifiers to associate the text of those websites with the appropriate classifications. Once trained, these classifiers are used on all .nz domains.

How accurate is the domain name classification?

We assess the accuracy of the classifiers by checking against the training data and by manually classifying a sample to compare to the system generated classification. The accuracy we expect is normally determined by the size and quality of both our training data and the text we find on websites, which leads to varying accuracy for each classification. Our assessment is that some classifications are as high as 97% accurate and some are only 60% accurate. We expect this accuracy to rise for two reasons - we continue to manually classify where the training data is too small and we allow domain name holders to correct their classification using Peak Domain Analytics.

What are your future plans for Peak Domain Analytics?

Our plans include:

  • Providing a 'portfolio' plan for those who have multiple domain names and want to see them in Peak Domain Analytics all at once.
  • Providing an 'enterprise' plan for those whose domain names span multiple business classifications and need to make complex and custom comparisons.
  • Extend our ANZSIC classification to level 4 (currently we stop at level 3).
  • Extending our health check scanning to look at web certificates used to secure websites.

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